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盖子型接线盒 PV-LH001


绝缘材料 Insulation material: PPO or ABS 

额定电压 Rated voltage:1000V DC

安全等级 Safe class:Class Ⅱ

温度范围 Temperature range:﹣40℃ ~ +85℃

电缆截面积 Section area of cable:1*4mm?or 1*2.5mm? 

线缆直径 Diameter of cable:6.1±0.1mm or 5.5±0.1mm 

保护等级 Degree of protection:IP65

阻燃等级 Flame class:UL94-V0 (for PPO material)

备注:此款接线盒仅作为盖子使用,盒体内部无金属件、无二极管,光伏组件厂家在电缆和焊带/汇流条连接以后,用 盒子覆盖住焊带和线缆焊接区域,主要起到美观、防水、绝缘等作用。

Note: this junction box is only used as a cover, and there are no metal parts and diodes inside the box. After the cable and ribbon bands are connected, the PV module manufacturer uses the box to cover the ribbon bands and cable welding area, which mainly plays the role of beauty, waterproof, insulation and so on.